Alexander Lobanov

After an infection of meningitis left Lobanov deaf and mute at the age of seven, this Russian artist was hospitalized for his disabilities. In 1953, he was released from the local mental asylum to a less restrictive hospital, and soon after, was introduced to the drawings of Vladimir Gavrilov. Lobanov’s violent themes are sometimes considered a reflection of his frustrations during his time at the asylum, some of which are more blatant than others. One particular self-portrait illustrates himself as a young boy shooting a nurse with a revolver. Although other portraits make little or no reference to the asylum, most are still violently themed self-portraits including weapons and communist propaganda. Lobanov kept much of his work to himself, stowed in a small suitcase. Eventually, Gavrilov released what eventually amounted to thousands of Lobanov’s paintings to the public and international galleries.



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