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A blues and African tinged soundtrack for a film about an African American "Outsider artist". Traditional blues guitars, harmonicas, African balafons and dejembes accompany the colorful and racy story of a prolific artist. Also included on the soundtrack are two original recordings by Bonita Wagner Johnson, Albert's daughter.

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Additional Notes

This is the soundtrack album for the documentary film, ONE BAD CAT.

Through intimate verite scenes and candid interviews of outsider artist Albert Wagner, his family members, and art patrons, the documentary explores whether a driving passion coupled with a divine intervention can really redeem a man with many past indiscretions.

Further, the film explores Albert's past of growing up in a segregated south and how those experiences shape his often controversial messages and "lessons" on race and religion. By examining the community that purchases "Visionary" or "Outsider" art the documentary investigates how racism in American has not only effected one man, but how it continues to affect our society at large. Punctuating the film, Albert’s paintings and sculptures, illustrate not only scenes from Albert's history, but lend a unique lens to how he views the world.

The lively score combines blues, African elements, and jazz to compliment the colorful and outrageous art of the Reverend Albert Wagner.

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