Since 1975 Albert estimates that he has created around 3,500 works of art.  He calls his work “Objects from the Alley,” composing most of his paintings and sculptures from found objects. These works are raw, obsessive and original. His creations have brought him national and international attention as an outsider artist.  Outsider art means self-taught and outside the mainstream.  In the United States, particularly among Black, southern and rural artists, outsider art is the raw emotion of the “blues,” rendered as painting and sculpture.  His work has appeared in many galleries throughout the United States.  Two of his most prominent works are on permanent display at the American Visionary Art Museum for outsider artists in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Albert’s teachings are evident in his art.  Central to his work is a vision of the suffering of African Americans.  His paintings are dominated by images of the crucified Christ, the walls packed with images of African Queens, lynching in the old South and the murder of Native Americans.  Upon entering the house hundreds of paintings surround you, accompanied by uniquely unusual sculptures that hang from the ceiling and cover the floor.  Whether images taken from his childhood or scenes that showcase the realities of impoverished street life, the collection is looming and all encompassing within the four walls of Albert’s home/museum.  Albert’s hope is that people can find a path of spiritual healing through his artwork.

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