Excerpted from the Introduction to the Book WATER BOY
Linda Kangas

A Convocation of the Visionary and Disenfranchised

An Interview with Lonnie Holley

ART REVIEW: When Outsiders Make It Inside

ART; Works by People on Margins of Society

Birth and Rebirth

On Outsider Art and the Margins of the Mainstream

Sister Gertrude Morgan Everlasting: Breaking Free of the Confines of Race and Gender

Sister Gertrude Morgan: American Folk Art Museum

The Seen and the Unseen: The Life, Death, & Mystery Art of Simon Sparrow

Thoughts on Question: Why Darger?

Vibrant Spirits: The Art of Derek Webster


Water Boy: The Art and Life of Reverend Albert Lee Wagner
Gene and Linda Kangas

20th Century American Folk, Self Taught, and Outsider Art
Sellen, Betty-Carol; Johanson, Cynthia J.

A.G. Rizzoli: Architect of Magnificent Visions
Hernandez, Jo Farb; Beardsley, John; Cardinal, Roger

Amazing Grace: Self-Taught Artists from the Mullis Collection
Manoguerra, Paul; Crown, Carol; Mullis, Carl; Georgia Museum of Art

Art Against the Odds: From Slave Quilts to Prison Paintings
Rubin, Susan Goldman

Art Brut
Thevoz, Michel

Art Brut: The Origins of Outsider Art
Peiry, Lucienne; Frank, James

Artists for Tichy-Tichy for Artists
Wipplinger, Hans-Peter; Buxbaum, Roman; Hoesle, Adi; Stavaric, Michael; Brock, Bazon; Tichy, Miroslav

Bill Traylor Drawings from the Collection of Joe and Pat Wilkinson

Bill Traylor, William Edmondson and the Modernist Impulse
Helfenstein, Josef; Stanulis, Roxanne

Bill Traylor: High Singing Blue
Traylor, Bill

Bill Traylor: His Art, His Life
Maresca, Frank

Bloackstock's Collection: The Drawings of an Artistic Savant
Blackstock, Gregory L.; Treffert, Darold A.; Light-Pina, Karen

Coming Home!: Self-Taught Artists, the Bible and the American South
Doss, Erika Lee; Fulmer, Hal W.; Girardot, Norman J.; Harvey, Paul; Kogan, Lee; Lawal, Babatunde; Luebbers, Leslie; Rivers, Cheryl; Wilson, Charles Reagan; Crown, Carol

Create and Be Recognized: Photography on the Edge
Turner, John; Klochko, Deborah

Darger: The Henry Darger Collection at the American Folk Art Museum
Anderson, Brooke Davis; Thevoz, Michel

Deep Blues: Bill Traylor 1854-1949
Helfenstein, Josef; Kurzmeyer, Roman

Detour Art: Outsider, Folk Art, and Visionary Environments Coast to Coast-Art and Photographs from the Collection of Kelly
Ludwig, Kelly

Driven to Create: The Anthony Petullo Collection of Self-Taught & Outsider Art
Petullo, Anthony

Elijah Pierce, Woodcarver
Roberts, Norma J.

Everyday Genius: Self-Taught Art and the Culture of Authenticity
Fine, Gary Alan

Henry Darger: Art and Selected Writings
Darger, Henry; Bonesteel, Michael

Henry Darger: Disasters of War
Darger, Henry; Lerner, Kiyoko; Biesenbach, Klaus

Henry Darger: In the Realms of the Unreal:
Oakes, John G. H.; Kennison, Donald

How to Look at Outsider Art
Rexer, Lyle

Howard Finster: Stranger From Another World, Man of Visions Now on This Earth
Finster, Howard; Patterson, Tom

Howard Finster: The Early Years
Bradshaw, Thelma Finster

Jean Dubuffet: Works, Writings, Interviews
MacGregor, John

Lively Times and Exciting Events: The Drawings of Bill Traylor
Traylor, Bill

Martin Ramirez
Anderson, Brooke Davis

Metamorphosis: The Fiber Art of Judith Scott
MacGregor, John M.; Brydon, Irene W.; Borensztein, Leon

Miracles: The Sculptures of William Edmondson
Edmondson, William

Miroslav Tichy
Bee, Andreas; Kittelmann, Udo; Tichy, Miroslav

Mose T A to Z: The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver
Haardt, Anton

Mose T's Slapout Family Album: Poems
Tolliver, Mose; Bond, Julian; Ely, Robert

Nek Chand's Outsider Art: The Rock Garden of Chandigarh
Piery, Lucienne; Maizels, John; Lespinasse, Philippe

Outsider Art
Ferrier, Jean-Louis

Outsider Art of the South
Moses, Kathy

Outsider Art: Contesting Boundaries in Contemporary Culture (Cambridge Cultural Social Studies)
Zolberg, Vera L.; Cherbo, Joni Maya

Outsider Art: Spontaneous Alternatives
Rhodes, Colin

Paradise Garden
Peacock, Robert

Parallel Vision. Modern Artists and Outsider Art
Tuchman, Maurice; Eliel, Carol S.

Purvis Young: Painting the Blues
Young, Purvis

Purvis Young: Paintings from the Street
Young, Purvis

Raw Creation: Outsider Art & Beyond
Maizels, John

Raw Vision Outsider Art Sourcebook
Maizels, John

Sacred and Profane: Voice and Vision in Southern Self-Taught Art
Crown, Carol; Russell, Charles

Self Taught Artists of the 20th Century: An American Anthology
New York Museum of American Folk Art; Wertkin, Gerard C.; Longhauser, Elsa

Self Taught, Outsider, and Folk Art: A Guide to American Artists, Locations and Resources
Sellen, Betty-Carol

Self-Taught and Outsider Art: The Anthony Petullo Collection
Petullo, Anthony

Self-Taught Art: The Culture and Aesthetics of American Vernacular Art
Russell, Charles

Shattered Forms, Art Brut, Phantasms, Modernism
Weiss, Allen S.

Sister Getrude Morgan: Tools of Her Ministry
Fagaly, William

Sublime Spaces and Visionary Worlds: Built Environments of Vernacular Artists
Umberger, Leslie; Doss, Erika; Kohler, Ruth; Stone, Lisa

Sunshine from Darkness: The Other Side of Outsider Art: Artists Reaching Beyond the Stigma of Mental Illness
Smith, Nancy Glidden

Testimony: Vernacular Art of the African-American South: The Ronald and June Shelp Collection
Conwill, Kinshasha; Danto, Arthur C.

The Art of Adolf Wolfli: St. Adolf-Giant-Creation
Spoerri, Elka; Baumann, Daniel; Gomez, Edward M.; Wertkin, Gerard C.

The Art of William Edmondson
Thompson, Robert Farris; Edmondson, William; McWillie, Judith; Freeman, Rusty; Gundaker, Grey; Sims, Lowery Stokes; Lovett, Bobby L.

The Colorful Apocalypse: Journeys in Outsider Art
Bottoms, Greg

The Discovery of the Art of the Insane
MacGregor, John

The Ruin, the Collection and the Theatre: architecture, sculpture and landscape of Nek Chand's Rock Garden, Chandigarh
Bandyopadhyay, Soumyen; Jackson, Iain

Vernacular Visionaries: International Outsider Art
Carlano, Annie; Brenzoni, Caterina Gemma; McGreevy, Susan Brown

Visions in Stone: The Sculpture of William Edmondson
Edmondson, William

Water Boy: The Art & Life of Reverend Albert Lee Wagner
Kangas, Gene & Linda


Raw Vision

The Outsider


Blinded Insights: On the Modernist Reception of the Art of the Mentally Ill

The Engine Room of Psychosis: Machines in the Cosmology of Anthony Mannix

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