Rev. Albert Wagner
Albert Wagner was born on January 22, 1924 in Crittenden County, Arkansas.  He lived with his three brothers and his deeply religious mother, who supported... more
Greg Anka
Billy Bob Beamer Charles Benefiel
Jodi Bonassi Andrei Borodin
Glenn Brady Andre Breton
Art Brut
Mark Brown Virgil Cantini
David Cation Jeannie Chadwick
Nek Chand 1924-
Outsider Art/Art Brut

After India gained their independence from Britain in 1947, Chand and his wife moved to the union territory of Chandigarh. With a passion for rocks and stones, Chand began... more
Ferdinand Cheval
Visionary Environments
Palais Ideal

Cheval was born and raised in the south of Lyon, France and started working as a Postman by his teen years. For nearly thirty years, he walked the intense 32-kilometer route... more
Cholla Aloise Corbaz
Despite her dreams of becoming a singer, Aloise moves to Germany in 1911 to teach and eventually becomes a governess for the Chaplain of William II. Before long, she develops an unrequited infatuation... more
Bryan Crow Henry Darger
Outsider Art/Art Brut
the Vivian Girls

Born in 1892, left motherless by age four and institutionalized by his early teens for having a “heart [that] is not in the right place,” Darger’s extensive collection of paintings and writings are considered to reflect his unstable... more
Leroy Dimaggio
Performance Outsider Art
Jean Dubuffet
Art Brut
William Edmondson Carol Es
Melanie Faucher Howard Finster
Elizabeth Frank Michael Fratangelo
Mayuko Fujino Garance
Madge Gill
Outsider Art/Art Brut
Kevin Grady
Johann Hauser William Hawkins
George Lloyd Heslet Jr. Michael Hoffee
Lonnie Holley

Ben Hotchkiss

Alexandra Huber
A recent addition to the “outsider art” world, Alexandra Huber’s inspiration came as a means to escape depression and to question life’s many obstacles. As art critic ... more
Ray Johnson
Mail Art
Kyle Johnston Michael Keck
Sala Keoku
Visionary Environments
Buddha Park
Norbert Kox
Jeffrey Lerner Alvin Levie
Andrew Lewandowski Alexander Lobanov
Outsider Art/Art Brut
After an infection of meningitis left Lobanov deaf and mute at the age of seven, this Russian artist was hospitalized for his disabilities. In 1953, he was released from the local mental asylum... more
Raphael Lonne Michaelangelo Lovelace
Tony Lugosi
Performance Outsider Art
Helen Martins
Outsider Art/Art Brut
The Owl House
Louis Mason Andrew Masters
Emily Millard Gertrude Morgan
Randell Morgan Karl Mullen
Neith Nevelson Emerald North
Norman J. Olson Victor Ortega
Elijah Pierce Laure Pigeon
Nicholas Piliero Ian Pyper
Martin Ramirez
Outsider Art/Art Brut
Jesse Reno
Achilles G.  Rizzoli
Outsider Art/Art Brut
Between the ages of 16-19, Rizzoli studied engineering at a polytechnic college in Oakland where he later used his skills to work as a draftsman at an architecture firm in San Francisco. Rizzoli’s unstable family life... more
Simon Rodia
Visionary Environments Watt Towers
Rodia Schroder-Sonnenstern
Judith Scott
Outsider Art/Art Brut fiber art
Gabriel Shaffer
Katherine Skaggs Josh Slavin
Lory Smith Jay Smithline
Simon Sparrow Julie Steiner
Don Stewart Bunleua Sulilat
Visionary Environments
Buddha Park
Harry Teague Miz Thang
William Thompson Miroslav Tichy
Outsider Art/Art Brut
Miroslav Tichy Mose Tolliver
Bill Traylor Terry Turrell
Laurie Vaughn Erik Von Ploennies
Derek Webster Mikey Welsh
Adolf Wolfli
Outsider Art/Art Brut one of the first
Considered the first well-known “outsider artist,” Adolf Wolfli attributed this honorable title through a series of unfortunate and traumatizing events in his life. Abused and molested as a boy... more
Mary Zeman
Purvis Young  
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